Cactus Grill

Posted by Jacob Lo on

What is Cactus Grill?

In high school, I would eat at a restaurant called Cactus Grill. It is a small, single-location restaurant with almost no seating. My friends and I would go for the lunch special every week, even on weeks we didn't have school. The best item on the menu was honey grilled chicken. Over the years I have eaten honey grilled chicken burritos, tacos, and quesadillas a countless amount of times. Rick, the owner works at the restaurant almost every day. I would drive by the restaurant late at night sometimes and see him preparing for the following day. For me Cactus Grill is nostalgia.

So why Cactus Grill?

People I know personally always ask me this, and if the story doesn't explain enough, Cactus Grill was perfect from a design standpoint. Cactus Grill allowed me to create a design that even those who have never been or even heard of the restaurant can enjoy. Cactus Grill allowed me to share a story through my product.